Features include:
  • Analyze up to 100 responses per survey
    All results are based on the first 100 responses; enough for a small survey.
  • Easy-to-use web-based analysis tool

    Office-like interface and work flow.

    Works in your web browser.

  • Create tables and charts
    Create tables, crosstabs, column charts, bar charts, pie charts, grid of bars charts, line charts, snake charts, dot charts, stacked column/bar charts, stacked column/bar charts with negatives, mosaic charts, trend charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, quantized scatter charts and histograms.
  • Create word clouds

    Create a word cloud to visualize open-ended text.

    Modify the interactive word cloud - combine, split, rename or hide words.

  • Reformat your data

    Switch between viewing data as percentages, averages and multi-variable structures (grids).

    Clean up messy survey data by recoding responses.

  • Interesting results automatically highlighted (significance testing)

    Interesting results are highlighted with arrows and color.

    These are determined by statistical tests of significance.

    You can adjust the level of confidence and whether to show arrows and use colors.

  • 24x7 email customer support
    Although DataCracker includes a context-based help tool and a knowledgebase, we are still here to answer more complex questions via e-mail.


$19 per month*

* Billed $228 annually

See monthly plan

Free features +
  • Unlimited number of responses

    No limit on the number of responses (rows) in data files.

    At around 50,000 responses, tables and charts will become slower to calculate.

  • Data files up to 50MB
    Each data file you upload can be up to 50MB in size.
  • Create an online report which you can share with others

    Your report will be available using a web page.

    Further changes to your report get updated to your viewers automatically.

  • Export to Excel
    The tables in your report are made into an Excel .xlsx file.
  • Export to PowerPoint
    Your entire report is made into a PowerPoint .pptx file.
  • Export to printable PDF
    Your entire report is made into an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file in high resolution; perfect for printing.
  • Export to images
    Individual tables and charts can be exported to image files.
  • Embed in website
    Individual tables and charts can be embedded into your own website.


$25 per month*

* Billed $300 annually

Basic features +
  • Customize the colors and designs of your charts and tables
    Change the colors of chart elements and choose from a variety of table styles.
  • Create new variables (JavaScript)

    Write formulas to combine existing data into new variables by using the JavaScript programming language.

    These new variables can then be shown on tables and charts, or used in any analysis.

The Lot

$65 per month*

* Billed $780 annually

Standard features +
  • Use templates to automatically format your charts
    Once you have formatted a chart just how you like it, you can save it as a template and apply the same formatting to other charts.
  • Use master slides to automatically lay out your slides and control default text formatting

    Lay out your slides and format text once to have it automatically update all of your slides.

    Add headers, footers and background images to each slide at once.

    Master slides save you a lot of time.

  • Predictive modeling (decision trees/nonparametric regression)

    A predictive tree, or decision tree, is a visual model that shows how some input data predicts the value of target data. For example, a predictive tree could show that age and gender can predict the value of attitude data.

    A series of charts will be displayed in a tree format, showing how the chart values (the target data) change according to the input data.

  • Segments/Groups (latent class analysis)

    Create segments using latent class analysis, a statistical technique for grouping together similar observations. For example, this can help you discover attitude segments or market segments.

    A series of charts will be displayed, showing the results of all respondents and then the results of each group side-by-side.

Customer support is designed to help you use DataCracker. If you require support in working out what your data means, or in understanding how to interpret statistical analysis, you can engage a Consultant with a web meeting at $25 per 10 minutes. Requirements: (a) your survey data uploaded as an initial DataCracker report (b) GoToMeeting software installed; your computer screen will be presented during the meeting, with our consultant driving your computer to show you how to achieve your desired outcomes (c) only available on the Basic plan or higher.
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